2 years in Recruitment, what have I learnt? A LOT!

2 years in Recruitment, what have I learnt? A LOT!

24 months in Recruitment


Wow, where to start …. It’s safe to say that these two years haven’t been easy!!

What have I learnt in the 2 years that I have been in Recruitment?

A few key learnings which I definitely wanted to share ….

PATIENCE + HARD WORK – I have had to have both of these! When you work hard every single day and feel like you’re not getting anywhere its very easy to dwell on ‘why hasn’t it paid off yet?’the longer you dwell on this the longer it’s going to take you to get to where you want to be. You have to work hard every single day but at the same time you have to be patient and optimistic that it will pay off. It will pay off eventually!!!

RELATIONSHIPS – You can’t build trusting relationships over night. However you should have the intention to build long term relationships with your candidates + clients. If you get caught in the trap of making short term decisions that will give you upside in the immediate future but affect your desk long term then you’re going to make it even harder for yourself. 2 years in now and I can say that the relationshipsI have with both candidates/ clients I didn’t have 12 months ago!!

YOU WILL HAVE SHIT DAYS BUT YOU WILL ALSO HAVE GREAT DAYS – Like anything in life, Recruitment has it’s ups and downs. What I have learnt in the last 2 years is to not get to caught up in the highs or the lows!! IT can be difficult when you have had a 3-6 month deal in the making fall through but the more time you dwell on what could of been the lest time you’re taking action. This goes for the same with the highs. Recruitment never stops. Make time to give yourself a pat on the back but don’t put your foot off the gas because you think you’re in a great place. This can change, very, very quickly!!

I still have SO much to learn. I think it’s important to reflect on how far you have come so for those that might be hitting a milestone over the next few months give it a go ….

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