3 Things I learnt in the first month as a Recruitment Consultant

3 Things I learnt in the first month as a Recruitment Consultant

1.The only way you are going to learn and get better is by being on the phone! In the first month I found myself looking for reasons as to why not to call a particular candidate on the database or from a job board. They would be too old… They haven’t got the right experience…. They don’t seem right… so I wouldn’t call and look for someone who seemed perfect on paper for the job. This is the wrong mindset to have and you will be an unsuccessful recruiter if you keep this mentality. I recognised this within the first month and started to call those who before I wouldn’t call and very quickly found out that I had been missing plenty of opportunities. You will learn and become a much better recruiter quicker if you get on the phone and just speak to people!

2.You will get rejected every single day! This really hit home with me early and I realised I am going to have to be a lot more resilient than I have been in the past when working. Candidates will hang up on you, Clients will constantly say they are too busy to talk, Gatekeepers will fob you off, People won’t reply to your emails and people won’t return your voicemails. You have to work through all this every single day because all it takes is one person to reply and your whole mood changes and you could be a step closer to making a fee. You have to be resilient and persistent the more calls you make, the more emails you send the better chance you have of someone coming back to you! You make your own luck in this Industry!

3.Work doesn’t stop when you leave the office! I found myself returning emails and taking calls well after leaving the office. Its part of the game, you are trying to get hold of people in working hours who work. This can be very difficult especially when a perfect candidate finally gets back to you and says I can speak at 7pm. You will make that call at 7pm because it could be one step closer to making a fee just by being committed and speaking to people outside of working hours. You have to be flexible in this industry and its part of the trade! (So if anyone wants to get into recruitment for the Mon – Fri 9-5.30 hours, think again before you start applying!)

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