Are you maximising the networking events you attend?

Are you maximising the networking events you attend?

Networking Events

Networking is something that I know I can do better at. However I have learnt a few things along the way which have helped me maximise networking events.

Don’t go to the event blind …. What do I mean?

Before attending a networking event try and find out who is going. Leverage your own network, ask people, ask the networking event organisers for a list of attendees.

Do anything you can to try and find out who is going before you attend.

Now what to do with this information?

Connect with them on Linkedin. Give them a call to introduce yourself and use the event as common ground. Ask someone from your network to introduce you to someone you want to talk to … Be creative. Just try and engage with people you want to speak to at the event before you get there.

Also … Think about sharing a Linkedin post. Let everyone know that your attending and your excited about the event.

You can do all of this before you actually attend the event. In the hope that when you do introduce yourself to someone they may recognise you from your Linkedin post or you may have had a brief chat previously!

What to do when you’re at the event?

I’m still learning how to maximise these events whilst I’m there. BUT something super simple that has definitely helped me is just say hello!

Try and say hello/ introduce yourself to as many people as you can. Even if you end up having a 5 minute chat it’s worth it in the long term ….

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