Becoming an expert and perceived as an expert within your chosen field!

Becoming an expert and perceived as an expert within your chosen field!

Become an Expert!

The only way you will become an expert within your chosen sector is by speaking to candidates and clients who work within your industry. I have spoken to recruiters who recruit for a sector which they know absolutely nothing about. I know this can be tough!

However this doesn’t mean it will stay that way. The best way to educate yourself within the market you recruit for is by getting on the phone and speaking to people. If you’re conducting a candidate registration then be extremely receptive and inquisitive. Anything you don’t understand then just asks them to explain it to you. You will be surprised how many people actually enjoy informing others about their industry!

Don’t be embarrassed to ask. Don’t assume you will come across stupid or uneducated. Ask questions and take notes. You will be surprised how much you can learn from a few phone calls with candidates.

When you acquire this new knowledge, test yourself. Ask a colleague to test you. Can you tell me about the job you’re recruiting for? What will you be doing in the job? What skills are required to do the job? What will this person do day to day?

With your newly equipped knowledge you should be super confident when answering these questions. Don’t know enough about your industry? Then pick up the phone and start learning! If this isn’t enough then pro-actively learn about your industry outside of work. It will pay dividends.

Take action and you will be a step closer to becoming and being perceived as an Expert within the industry you recruit for.

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