Don’t put clients on a pedestal

Don’t put clients on a pedestal

Clients need Recruiters


In my first 12 months I was definitely guilty of this …..

Having this perspective held me back. Especially when it came to business development.

If you have the mindset that clients are better than you, that they’re too busy to talk to you, that you’re not worth their time.

You will LOSE!

First things first really believe in the value that us recruiters bring to the table!

Clients need recruiters. Clients need to use our services. Clients need us to find the right people to grow their business. Clients need us to solve their problems.

When you really believe all of the above you have a complete shift in perspective.

This will really help you when you’re making business development calls. It will give you a much more positive mindset when speaking to new prospects. Which in turn should give you more success in the long run ….

So if you find yourself slipping into putting clients on a pedestal ….

Remember. They need us as much as you need them!!!!

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