Educate your clients

Educate your clients

Don’t be just a ‘yes’ Recruiter ….


What do I mean by this?

Instead of just saying ‘yes mr client I can find that person for you’ even if you know it could be extremely unrealistic. Take these opportunities to educate your client on the candidate market …

As recruiters we’re the ones who spend most of our days finding candidates so we’re the EXPERTS!

You should really believe this, if you don’t then start!

A client will have a lot more respect for you if you educate them on how scarce certain skill sets are. Instead of informing them a week down the line that you haven’t been able to find anyone ….

Educate them about other similar businesses that are struggling to find the same type of people.

Why? So you can take the opportunity to try and get some flexibility on the experience required for your client. This will make your JOB EASIER!

Alternatively if the skill set required is something that you’re very confident you can deliver on then let the client know!

Don’t just say yes to clients because you think this is what they want to hear …..

We’re the experts. Use your market knowledge and educate your clients!

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