Meet Dean Kulaweera

Meet Dean Kulaweera

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Tell me a bit about you and the industry you currently recruit for?

My name is Dean Kulaweera and I’m an IT Recruiter at SRA Staffing. An IT Staffing agency based out of Toronto, Canada. I’ve been in the IT Recruitment industry exclusively for the past 2 years. Recruiting specifically for the IT sector primarily for the private sector. Our Clients range from start-ups and small-sized companies to large multinational corporations.

Why did you choose to work within the Recruitment Industry?

I think people are the most crucial component of any organization. Specializing in Technology Staffing I get to connect with highly talented individuals. Capable of doing exciting things with their knowledge and skill set in IT. Whether that’s coding, laying down the infrastructure, being the person facilitating between business and technology. Or any of the multitude of opportunities available to IT Professionals within an organization. What’s special about Recruiting is you get to not only see those people do amazing things for your Clients. But also help them with finding the type of opportunities to help them advance in their career. You really get to see an impact for both parties, which is what I love the most.

What do you find most challenging as a Recruiter?

Keeping up with emails, as well as messages sent via LinkedIn. I think most Recruiters receive a lot of contact through those channels and would agree with me. I can’t say I’ve figured out the most efficient way to deal with it. But prioritizing is very important and will help you get through those messages and emails. No matter the volume you should always try to respond to every email or communication received as much as possible. Even if its someone you can’t help immediately.

To date what’s the best piece of advice you have received?

“Service is senior to selling” This is a piece of advice I heard when I was working in Sales prior to being in the Staffing industry. Part of the training I was given, which I’m very grateful for and something I hold very dear to my heart. Working in the Staffing Agency arena. Its very easy to get focused on the commission and nothing else. I find that when you place the emphasis on providing a superior service experience to the candidate and to the client. All parties end up happier. Yourself included. Being service-oriented means to put your efforts into getting an understanding of the needs, wants and motivations of the candidate and the client above all else. This will reap you much more benefits over the long term and help build your reputation as a trusted Recruitment Professional.

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about entering the Recruitment Industry?

You must love people to be in this industry. Its definitely a “people business”! You also must have a genuine curiosity for discovering people’s needs, wants and motivations in order to find them the best fit. Whether as a candidate or client. Lastly, pick an industry to specialize in which interests you and excites you. For me its been IT, but for you it might be something else which is totally fine.

Lastly if you could go back in time and give yourself some advice 3 months into being a Recruitment Consultant what would it be?

Connect with and interact with as many people as possible within the sector you’re specializing in. Even if you’re not able to help them right away. Even if they’re not actively on the market. Always think long-term and be the “go-to” person for the job market for anyone you meet or get in contact with! Also, don’t restrict yourself to speaking ONLY with people in the sector you’re recruiting for. I know this almost contradicts the beginning of my statement. However, I’ve gotten introductions simply starting up conversations with strangers or people I do business with as a customer. You never know who they might know. Always Be Recruiting!

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