Meet Dualta Doherty

Meet Dualta Doherty

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Tell me a bit about you and the industry you currently recruit for?

I have been working in Recruitment now for over 7 years. 4 in Tech Recruitment and over 3 in Rec2Rec. I started out at Robert Walters in Perth WA and did that for 3 years. Then I set up a resume writing business with my wife Charlotte and travelled. We worked across south east Asia and central America before moving to Calgary in Canada to manage a small team of IT Recruiters. In Canada Charlotte worked as an internal Rec2Rec for 2 large agencies. The local market had tanked with the Oil price so we decided to move back to Guatemala. We rented a serviced apartment and set up our Recruitment business that now specialises in placing Agency Recruiters in overseas markets. Once we had a few invoices paid we moved back to Europe and spent some time travelling the continent before getting married. We now live in the south of England with our son Connor and our second boy is due in July.

Why did you choose to work within the Recruitment Industry?

I was 27 and desperately trying to find a career and a visa to stay in Australia. Recruitment offered me both and gave me the chance to use strong sales skills. It was the best professional move I have ever made.

What do you find most challenging as a Recruiter?

My biggest weaknesses are Cold Calling and Administration. I used to put the head down and do the cold calling but I have to admit I find it a bit sole destroying. 95 % of my calls are through appointments only and my whole process is about creating an inbound strategy that makes that happen. With regards administration, my team handle that side of things so my day is completely freed up to speak to Recruiters and Agency Owners who are interested in the international market place.

To date what’s the best piece of advice you have received?

A. Trust the process, there is a tried and tested formula. If you do the activity and the results will come

B. Your reputation is everything and every time you speak to someone it’s a chance to improve it.

C. You can’t take career to the bank so make sure your getting paid properly.

What advice would you give to someone considering a career within Recruitment?

1. Pick a niche discipline in a candidate driven market place.

2. Find a company that has a recognised brand and excellent training and stay put for a minimum of 18 months.

3. Work for a successful manager that has been in the company for a while.

4. Join a team that is established and performing well so you have people around you who you can learn from, compete with and when they leave you’ll hoover up their clients.

Lastly if you could go back in time and give yourself some advice 3 months into being a Recruitment Consultant what would it be?

Listen to your manager, stop trying to reinvent the wheel and stop stressing so much it will all work out.

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