Meet Shayne Wilson

Meet Shayne Wilson

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Tell me a bit about you and the industry you currently recruit for?

I recruit within Rec2Rec.  I was Head of talent for a Digital, Marketing and HR business called Adam for over 3.5yrs.  In the last year of working with Adam I interviewed 186 – 120odd I found directly myself. Needless to say there were a number of good people that weren’t right for Adam. But also that Adam wasn’t right for either.So we set up Kanso as a separate rec2rec business – Adam are now a client of mine.  I’m really passionate about recruitment! It’s given me so much and I see / have experienced other Rec2Rec’s pushing candidates for a fee and not for the benefit of that person’s career or the business.  As a Rec2Rec we’ve an immense responsibility to get the match right for the benefit of the candidate and the expense of the business.  I see too many recruiters who have a great career history, make a move and then have a few more moves. A good Rec2Rec will find them the right opportunity and work with them. Some candidates I’ve placed I’ve worked with for over 6 months to find the right opportunity.  Too many good businesses are leaking cash through attrition. By feeding this cycle and hiring reactively, whereby if they consult with the right partner, they’ll make better decisions in terms of hiring. I estimate attrition of hires that are with a business 6months and don’t contribute to profit cost £50k each (for a £20k base) that’s £500k for every 10 hires that don’t work out…

Why did you choose to work within the Recruitment Industry?

I think I’ve met one recruiter who has told me that they went to Uni and did a business degree expressly due to wanting a career in recruitment.  I’m not different.  I had read a book called an introduction to NLP by Jeremy Lazarus.  I really bought into his goal setting paragraph and followed it to the letter.  Before I knew it, I had some lofty goals but realised that my sales job at the time wouldn’t help me achieve them. I applied for a sales manager’s job which happened to be at a recruitment business.  I loved the fact that I was totally in control of the fact that all my activity directly impacted my success at achieving the goals I wanted.  Unlike sales in a market like IT where your product will either do or not do what your prospect wants it to do. In recruitment we control both the product and the clients we sell that product to. You’re in total control of being successful.

What do you find most challenging as a Recruiter?

I cant cope with disingenuous people.  Our industry, particularly Rec2Rec, has a reputation for smoke and mirrors. A shadowy murky industry, I believe in the total opposite. Sometimes harsh, but always very open transparency.

To date what’s the best piece of advice you have received?

People buy from people. Literally my first training session in sales over 20 years ago and it’s advice that means so much in so many contexts.  If you’re having a great billing period or a poor one. You’re not going build your business without strong relationships and people that really buy into you as a person.

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about entering the Recruitment Industry?

Two things really. What do you want out of your recruitment career?  When I say this I mean what do you really want?  I’ve met a lot of trainees that are looking to get started in recruitment.  There’s nothing more disappointing when I ask what people’s motivations are and they tell me that they want to have a good lifestyle, to not say no to anything…. What this translates to as a business owner is that if you’re having an average quarter and get to the crossroads of turning it into a brilliant quarter or an average one. That you’ll settle for average as you haven’t got the self-motivation to be brilliant.  Find a direction. A goal that you want to achieve out of your recruitment career, that you absolutely and passionately believe in. Then if you’re a good communicator and work hard. Rhe rest will take care of itself.

Find the right sector. You’ll be speaking to people for 8-10hrs a day.  You’ll want to be a thought leader if you want to be really successful.  If you’re starting out and you’re researching your client, research the job titles that of the jobs they’re advertising.  If you’re bored after ten minutes then that’s clearly not the market for you, never mind the right business within that market.

Lastly if you could go back in time and give yourself some advice 3 months into being a Recruitment Consultant what would it be?

Reset your goals and aim higher!

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