Preventing counter offers!

Preventing counter offers!

Tips on avoiding counter offers

In my short time as a Recruitment Consultant I had experienced the pain of counter offers first hand. These are a few tips which I believe can really help you prevent the future pain and disappointment of a candidate accepting a counteroffer!

Speak about counter offers at the beginning of the process! If you register a new candidate who wants to leave their current employer or is open to leaving for the opportunity you have then straight away go into detail on their motivations on leaving. Be receptive, ask good quality questions and just listen! The answer you’re looking out for is ‘I just want more Money’ that is not the answer you want to hear, candidates whose biggest motivator is money make a Recruiter very vulnerable. It makes the candidate a lot more likely to accept a counter offer and to also be interested in another role if it’s paying more!

Encourage the candidate to speak to their current employer about their current reasons for looking elsewhere! Some people may think why would you want a candidate to speak to their current employer. But you would rather the candidate do it now when they haven’t gone through a long interview process, received an offer and then had the chat about leaving and accepted a counter offer! It’s a win win scenario for a Recruiter as if the candidate has the chat straight away and receives a pay rise they will respect your professional advice a lot more and be more likely use you in the future. If the employer does nothing to keep the candidate motivated to stay then you now know you have a very motivated candidate who is committed to leaving!

Use the candidate’s motivations to leave to your advantage! It’s very important that you really understand why the candidate wants to leave their current company. Write it down and make sure you make notes! If the candidates offered extra money to entice them to stay then you have an arsenal of motivators which won’t be changed by an extra couple of grand! Using information which has come from the candidate themselves is a lot more powerful than just the Recruiter advising why they shouldn’t accept a counter offer!

These are a few of the techniques I have learnt since being a Recruitment Consultant on preventing counter offers being accepted. If anyone else has successful counter offer prevention then please do share!!!

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