Meet Jennifer Sweet!

Meet Jennifer Sweet!

Recruiter Guest Post


Tell me a bit about you and the industry you currently recruit for?

I have a BS in Mathematics, over 10 years’ experience as an Executive Recruiter/Account Manager, and specialize in the Food & Beverage Manufacturing Industry. I have toured facilities, worked in a manufacturing facility, and have led Hazmat training, so when my clients talk about the responsibilities and expectations, I can visualize the role and understand the challenges.

Why did you choose to work within the Recruitment Industry?

In 1995 I applied for an Inventory Manager role at a local manufacturer. The role was being managed by a local staffing firm. Didn’t have enough experience for the role, but the staffing firm asked me to come on as a Personnel Manager for their temp/temp-to-hire group. One of our clients,a major employer in the area, had been purchased and was moving their corporate functions out-of-state. I was handed the assignment to find accountants for a 6-month assignment at this firm, to help with the transition. It went so well I was promoted to Executive Recruiter – first one in that office.

What do you find most challenging as a Recruiter?

Overcoming past issues that companies AND candidates have had with agency recruiters. I pride myself on being forthright and honest in all of my business dealings. The wrong placement adversely affects companies and individuals with their long-term goals. Companies are paying our fees to avoid the costly mistake of hiring the wrong individual. It has been proven over and over again that the wrong hire will cost a company in training, bad production, and other aspects.

To date what’s the best piece of advice you have received?

pick an industry and stick to it! By focusing on the Food & Beverage Manufacturing Industry I concentrate on becoming an expert in that field. Every day I read up on changes and issues within the industry, communicate with leaders in those manufacturing companies, and talk with viable candidates specific to the industry.

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about entering the Recruitment Industry?

When you are starting out in this industry talk to everyone you can! It will take a while to have a core group of clients, so business development will be a constant. Market changes can adversely affect those clients, so always be looking for new clients. Use every resource: social marketing, emails, and calls – personal connection is critical.

Lastly if you could go back in time and give yourself some advice 3 months into being a Recruitment Consultant what would it be?

Aim high! Don’t let their title intimidate you. The C-Suite/VP’s are the individuals plotting the course for their company. The ones who ultimately decide on changes to the organization. They make the decisions on where to invest, including utilizing experts to find talent!

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