Time to put in the work to make more fees!!

Time to put in the work to make more fees!!

Have a process in place!

After experiencing making my first fee I really felt like I had a real boost in motivation and really started to ramp up the quality of my work. Something I did after making my first fee was reflect on the process in which lead up to making my first fee. After doing this I really recognised how important it is you have a set structure as to how you work a job. In the first 3 months I found myself conducting a search and going back over the same search hoping a new candidate would pop up or I would see someone I missed initially. In my opinion this is not the way to go!! So my director helped me outline in his experience what is the best way to work a job so after you have finished that search you know you have covered all bases. I had to get out of my head that every search was going to be successful and if I didn’t come up with a new/interested candidate after a search for a job this wasn’t the end of the world! So the process I put in place which I have been using since then which has proved to be very successful is this – Search your own pool of candidates – Search the database – Search the job boards – Search Linkedin – Doing it in this order! Just as important as having a search process is having a follow up process! I will outline this in my next post.

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