Why you should review your desk …

Why you should review your desk …

Reviewing your desk helps!


For the last couple of months I have taken the time to review my desk at the end of the month. Why do I do this?

A few reasons …..

It helps you recognise what you need to spend more time on in the coming weeks.

Are you likely to fill most the jobs you currently have? Make sure you make the time to make more business development calls that month.

Have most of your interviews already taken place and don’t have many booked in? Make sure you make more time to source for candidates!

It’s extremely valuable to see where your desk is at the end of the month so you can ensure you prioritise correctly. Which means you have more chance of making placements.

It’s also great to actually see what wins you have had that month and what loses you experienced. Day to day you can very easily just completely forget about the successes you have had in a month.

Appreciating the wins and recognising what you have learnt through the setbacks is very fun! It leaves you in a very positive and empowered mindset for the month ahead!!

Give it a try ….. You won’t regret it.

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